Explore the historic site of Washington-on-the-Brazos with this magic window into history.

See the town of Washington as it looked in 1836, when delegates from all parts of Texas came to write the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the Republic of Texas. Through the magic of augmented-reality, the app presents a virtual town of Washington, full scale and overlaid on the historic site for you to explore.
Image from Texas 1836 App
Walk around the historic site and see people and places from the days of the revolution, a virtual world of 1836 revealed on your smartphone screen.

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iPhone & iPad
Available on the App Store
iPhone 4+
iPad 2+ 3G/4G cellular model (but no cell service) required for augmented-reality tour

Android App on Google play
Android 2.2+ GPS, compass, accelerometer and video camera required for augmented-reality tour (Also see Android Notes)

Discover the town by walking around the historic site, meeting the people and exploring the buildings as they were in 1836. Toggle between the full virtual world and the augmented-reality view that superimposes buildings and people against the modern environment.

Washington-on-the-Brazos, the birthplace of Texas, was a crucible of Texas democracy, the place where Texans gave voice to their grievances, forged their Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and brought forth a new nation: the Republic of Texas. Download the app and see it like never before!

Using the App:
  • This app is primarily designed for use at the Washington-on-the-Brazos Historic Site, southeast of College Station, Texas. To track your location and align the virtual world of 1836 with the real world, you must have an iPhone 4+ or iPad 2+ (cellular model with GPS, but no cell service is required), or an Android smartphone with GPS, compass and accelerometer.
  • To explore the 1836 town elsewhere, choose the Offsite Tour on the About The App page. This does not require a device with GPS and compass.

Star of the Republic Museum, Blinn College
Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site, Texas Parks and Wildlife
App development by Eduweb, Inc.

The project was funded by a grant from the Texas Pioneer Foundation, with support from the Washington on the Brazos State Park Association.

Android Notes
We have tested the app on a variety of popular Android phones but cannot guarantee that all features will work on all models. Due to technical issues, the augmented view does not work on these following Android phones. We hope to release an update in the future once this is fixed:
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • Samsung Galaxy W
  • LG Optimus Thrill 4G
  • Asus Eee Transformer TF-101
  • Motorola Droid-x
  • HTC One X

Compass Inaccuracy: The digital compass on smartphones is generally accurate within 5-10 degrees. Occasionally it may require calibration. Quit the "Texas 1836" app and move the device in a figure-8 several times. Then start the app again. The compass should be working properly.