Recommended browser and plug-ins
Any modern browser (such as Firefox, Internet Explorer 6+, Safari, or Opera).

The free Adobe Flash Player is required for the Road to Independence animation, the Convention Comicmaker, the Timeline of Independence, and Behind the Grievances. Most computers already have this installed, but you will be automatically prompted to install Flash if it is not detected on your computer.

The Unity Web Player, another free web browser plug-in, is required for the 3D game, In Washington Town. If it is not detected on your computer, you will be automatically prompted to install Unity when you start the game.

On some computers, installing these plug-ins will require administrative privileges. If you cannot install Unity or Flash yourself, it is recommended that you contact your System Administrator for assistance.

Required screen resolution
This site is designed for a screen resolution of 1024x768 or greater. To change your screen resolution:
  • In Windows: Control Panel — Display — Settings
  • On a Mac: Apple Menu — System Preference — Display

Recommended internet connection speed
A fast Internet connection is highly recommended for In Washington Town.

Troubleshooting specific problems

In Washington Town keeps freezing and I can't proceed.
The 3D graphics in the 3D game may be a challenge for older computers. Also, if you frequently switch from the simulation to other applications such as your email etc, it may cause problems. Try closing your other applications, starting just the game, and avoid switching to other applications to see if this helps.

The image appears to be cut off or running off the screen
See Screen Resolution requirements above. If you are still having difficulty, try the following solutions:
  • If you use Mozilla Firefox, your Web browser may be set to zoom-in. To fix this, select View — Zoom — Reset
  • If using Windows, make sure you are not set to use a larger font size. Select Control Panel — Display — Appearance and then set font size to "normal".