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Subject > Amusements > Board game

Accession # SRM2000-13.4

Board game

19th century

This is a handmade wooden checkerboard. It features an 8 x 8 playing grid (12 x 12 inches) in the center of the board; the checkered grid is bordered by a band of buttermilk red paint. Checkerboards like this one were used to play Checkers: “a board game in which two players use strategy to capture each other’s playing pieces.” According to William Dewees in 1826, children as soon as they are able “should be taught draughts (checkers)” because “this game is not only highly amusing, but it is also instructive, as it calls forth the resources of the mind in the most successful manner.” Perhaps because of this fun yet educational quality, the game of checkers is still played today the way it was played during the Texas Republic.

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