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Type > Clothing > Christening dress

Accession # SRM1986-46.1

Christening dress


This christening dress is made of white cotton with handmade trim. The dress was worn at a christening, which is a religious ceremony during which a child, usually an infant, is baptized and given a name. Such dresses were usually about three times as long as the baby. In pioneer times, the fist duty of a parent was to have the new baby baptized as soon as it was possible. Godparents were chosen soon after a child’s birth. A godparent is someone, usually a relative or family friend, who acts as a witness at a child’s baptism and who promises to watch over the child’s religious training. The neighbors were invited to the christening and gave the mother gifts of homemade items for the baby. The godmother often gave the christening dress and cap as her present. This dress was worn by Sina Lipscomb Atmer, born 1850, in Washington County, Texas.

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